company raise 20.74   Both entertainment companies are raising money.
    government raise 19.03   Governments do not raise children, people do.
    official raise 12.64   Church officials must raise the rest.
    case raise 11.98   The second case raises harder issues.
    report raise 10.53   The report raises certain semaphores.
    bank raise 6.52   Local banks raise their capital.
    incident raise 5.33   Such incidents raise a question.
    rate raise 5.33   Higher rates raise borrowing costs at companies.
    group raise 5.13   A Dominican group raises rabbits.
    move raise 4.94   A move would raise questions at Lincoln Center.
    plan raise 4.34   The plan raises political issues.
    issue raise 4.28   The issue raises high passions in Europe.
    study raise 4.08   But each new study raises more questions.
    candidate raise 4.02   Candidates can only raise money in election years.
    analyst raise 3.82   Other analysts also raised their estimates.
    attack raise 3.69   The attacks raise several issues of policy.
    leader raise 3.69   Democratic leaders have raised doubts, however.
    member raise 3.62   Only a few members have raised objections.
    deal raise 3.49   Again, the deal raised questions.
    decision raise 3.09   His decision raises an array of questions.
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