increase number 79.46   First of all the issue of increasing pupil numbers.
    increase risk 51.68   And any large-scale change increases risk.
    increase pressure 51.48   Arafat must increase that pressure.
    increase cost 33.44   Bore samples will increase these costs.
    increase production 32.98   Our ultimate aim is to increase production.
    increase chance 31.07   But multiple births increase these chances.
    increase security 26.60   Security was increased.
    increase demand 25.02   Do we mean growing demand, increasing demand?
    increase sale 24.88   Cheaper whale meat would increase sales.
    increase price 24.56   Increase ticket prices?
    increase amount 24.23   Increase amounts as desired.
    increase value 22.65   And they also can increase their value.
    increase revenue 20.54   I do want to increase revenue.
    increase likelihood 16.66   This increases the likelihood of a second fire.
    increase rate 16.33   Rates were increased three times last year.
    increase competition 15.34   Increasing the competition.
    increase profit 15.01   Increased profits.
    increase investment 14.22   Nissan is keen to increase its investment, he said.
    increase cooperation 13.96   --Increased cooperation in long-distance medicine.
    increase efficiency 12.90   They help to increase allocative efficiency.
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