np increase np 80.25   Pull-ups increase upper body strength.
    np auxp increase np 63.46   Arafat must increase that pressure.
    np auxp increase pp 41.21   You can increase at any time.
    np auxp avp increase np 23.83   Immigrants do not increase unemployment.
    np increase pp 21.13   Flavor increases with age.
    np avp increase np 20.67   He also increased the speed.
    np auxp increase avp 17.97   Debt was increasing steadily.
    increase np 13.89   Increase heat.
    np auxp increase 11.59   Crime has increased.
    np auxp increase subcl 10.01   Team speed was increased, as was the depth.
    pp np increase np 9.61   In six years, they increased their business tenfold.
    pp np auxp increase np 8.89   For one, Anderson has increased his speed.
    np auxp avp increase pp 8.62   Duty was also increased on kerosene.
    avp np increase np 7.77   So Zatopek increased the pace.
    np auxp auxp increase pp 7.64   The cap can be increased by the president.
    np increase avp 6.78   The crowds increase daily.
    np increase 6.45   IRA increases.
    avp np auxp increase np 6.25   Also, weather can increase interference.
    np auxp avp increase 5.66   Bonuses did not increase.
    np increase avpnp 5.60   The number increases each year.
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