raise money 319.29   They had to raise money.
    raise question 238.84   Can I raise a question.
    raise concern 150.03   And that raises profound concerns.
    raise price 123.77   And raise the price they did.
    raise issue 123.63   This raises the issue of finance.
    raise rate 119.82   Both are reasons not to raise rates.
    raise fund 80.51   They are raising funds to help needy youngsters.
    raise possibility 69.91   Mr raised the possibility of a second E I P.
    raise tax 61.88   Back then, she raised taxes.
    raise fear 61.09   China can raise fears by turning inward.
    raise child 50.43   And I was raising children.
    raise cost 48.91   A weak mark raises the cost of imports.
    raise hand 47.40   And I raised my hand.
    raise eyebrow 47.00   A few eyebrows were raised.
    raise capital 36.34   The merchant banks raise capital for industry.
    raise hope 34.23   Hopes were raised.
    raise cash 33.77   The cash was raised by hospital staff.
    raise doubt 33.77   And one thing has raised doubts.
    raise arm 29.89   He raises its arm and flicks.
    raise objection 27.65   His colleagues raised no objections.
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