np raise np 329.10   I raise my kids and work.
    np auxp raise np 156.29   Who had raised the diaper flag?
    np avp raise np 62.48   He also raised the alarm.
    np auxp raise pp 47.99   He was raised in an orphanage.
    np auxp avp raise np 40.09   He is not raising cash.
    pp np raise np 34.17   As gentlemen farmers, they raise beef.
    avp np raise np 23.50   Back then, she raised taxes.
    np auxp auxp raise pp 18.10   All had been raised as girls.
    pp np auxp raise np 16.39   As a whole team, we can raise our level.
    avp np auxp raise np 14.94   Now he is raising Dejuan.
    subcl np raise np 9.68   As he so often does, Holyfield raises a good point.
    raise np 9.61   Raise taxes?
    np avp auxp raise np 8.49   The order itself also has raised questions.
    it raise np 8.36   It raised you.
    it avp raise np 7.44   It only raises them.
    np auxp avp raise pp 7.37   He was really raised in Texas.
    avpnp np raise np 6.12   Last year we raised a good crop of onions.
    np raise pp 6.06   Eyebrows raised along press row.
    np auxp auxp raise np 4.74   We should be raising them.
    prprtcl raise np 4.61   Topping raised some pigs.
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