1.  Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why they choose to make few friends.

2.  Maybe, we will be like them some day, if we stay with them for a long time.

3.  Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that making many friends is a geart thing, but we shuold choose someone kind as our friends.

4.  As a saying goes 'one man is not good enough to live alone in the world'.

5.  They may have many friends in a variety of fields.

6.  They choose friends pretty carefully and only have some friends having a lot in common with themselves.

7.  They may give a hand to us when we are in trouble.

8.  They will comfort us when we are sad; They may offer some advice to us sincerely when we are confused; And they may give us a warning when we are pretentious.

9.  To make friends, I think we ourselves must be honest, kind-hearted to leave a good impression on others.

10.  It has become a new model of modern education, which means students can gain knowledge from the Internet easily.

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