1.  Nowadays more and more people are utilitarian in this society.

2.  But, if we don't control the problem that the time we spend with our friends, the chances are that it will lead us in truble with our learning.

3.  At the same time, varieties of other problems are appearing.

4.  All of us are kindhearted too.

5.  Some people are willing to make friends widely.

6.  However, others are limited to narrow scope.

7.  As far as I'm concerned, we are supposed to make the acquaintance of different people with different characteristics and in every walk of life, which will bring convenience to our work and life.

8.  They may give a hand to us when we are in trouble.

9.  They will comfort us when we are sad; They may offer some advice to us sincerely when we are confused; And they may give us a warning when we are pretentious.

10.  They are prepared to provide us with no paid help at any time.

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