41.  Any player sitting beside him or practicing beside him definitely has to look at him.

42.  Any player who can't concentrate for 40 seconds at a stretch likely will find himself with all the time in the world to daydream.

43.  Any player who wears No. 55 at Southern Cal has to get a look-see, but is Markus Steele more like Junior Seau or Willie McGinest?

44.  Deferred interest bonds rose to 219.17, up from 192.99 at the beginning of the year.

45.  Deferred interest bonds rose to 219.92, up from 192.99 at the beginning of the year.

46.  Deputy District Attorney Robert Hutchins had asked the judge to order David Van Blarigan's return, arguing that his well-being at the program in Jamaica was in question.

47.  Deputy Finance Minister Kyosuke Shinozawa said at a press conference today the ministry will not comment on a private company's ratings.

48.  Deputy Fire Chief Charles Blaich raised the issue last week in his remarks about emergency response at a conference at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

49.  Deputy Jim Hellmold, a department spokesman who was stationed at the hospital Sunday, said it appeared that Block would be staying in the hospital through this morning.

50.  Deputy Richard Kinchen, 35, died of his wounds; Deputy Aldranon English, 28, is recovering from his injuries at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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