1.  First, fluoridation will raise the average steady state or plateau level of ionic fluoride in the blood throughout the total population.

2.  Now she was raising grandchildren while her daughters froze in Boston and Montreal.

3.  What is more, with the momentum his way the president is raising awesome amounts of money for Democratic campaigns.

4.  Sure enough, within a couple of minutes I had raised a trucker.

5.  Later we may raise this considerably.

6.  However, this can raise a number of tax issues.

7.  Together they have raised five point seven million pounds last year, a wonderful result and thank you all.

8.  Theoretically, you could raise LOMEM to provide a similar protected area below your BBCBASIC program.

9.  Now a root around in the attic could raise a fortune for charity.

10.  Already, some are raising their output estimates.

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