1.  Again we raised the question of enforcing planning guidance.

2.  Again, Alexander, Dole and Forbes raised no objection.

3.  First, the postwar boom in college enrollments raised levels of civic engagement, offsetting the generational trends.

4.  For example, during the daytime the internal clock as well as our life-style and environment raise body temperature and the urinary removal of water.

5.  However, Decentralization raises an important theme for the empirical processes to be outlined in the next three chapters.

6.  Inevitably this raises a question about the logical structure of existential propositions in general.

7.  Not uncommonly, studies of this kind which relate to relatively uncharted areas raise more issues than they solve.

8.  Now she raised hell with him about the letter in the paper.

9.  Once on the streets, Lucenzo raised the collar of his heavy black coat, huddling into it.

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