21.  Any player who spent 1993 in the majors will receive $25,000 by mid-October; others will be paid on a pro-rated basis.

22.  Any policy adopted by the U.S. bishops will have to be approved by the Vatican.

23.  Any politically unpopular cut in the Livret A rate now would probably have to be followed by an increase some time next year.

24.  Deputy party leader Vatana Asahavahame is among the politicians accused by the U.S.

25.  Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan said the letter cited by Morris had been removed from the system, sealed and tested for anthrax by the FBI.

26.  Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage will be in the region this week, followed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

27.  Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is warning them to comply with reforms -- such as cutting spending and raising interest rates -- demanded by the International Monetary Fund.

28.  Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who also spoke at the Japan Society, reiterated that Japan should spur recovery by boosting domestic demand rather than exports.

29.  Denmark, another euro outsider, also reduced its discount and repurchase rates by a quarter-point Thursday, though for different reasons.

30.  Denmark, like other governments, sought to encourage the development of alternative energy sources, including wind power, by offering subsidies.

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