1.  Maybe, we will be like them some day, if we stay with them for a long time.

2.  Nowadays, it is common for us to study online.

3.  It provides more opportunity for us to get close to the world.

4.  So some people confirm that we will go from man to robot and it means that we may finally be allowed to join the great universal brotherhood of mind that represents the summit of what life has striven for since creation.

5.  For another, if we become robots, we may have no apathy.

6.  The reason of online education has risen for many years may lie in a main aspect.

7.  In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, people work and study has changed a lot, and the need for learning is also increasing.

8.  People face the growing pressure for lifelong learning but the traditional education can not provide more opportunities to meet this need, so online education is developed in this phenomenon.

9.  They think online education made it more convenient for student to study for it not limited by time and place.

10.  what's more , with the development of society, it is necessary for one to master the techniques.

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