1.  I hold the opinion that we should make as many friends as we can.

2.  I thought that the online education the study way is also quite nimble, scattered, the study time is student arrange.

3.  As far as I am concerned, Online Education does good to our study.

4.  When it comes to the shortcomings, I hold the view that we can make most of it only if we controlled ourselves well.

5.  I think that is impossible.

6.  I confirm we will not let us become such animals.

7.  I hold the view that the direction of the evolution of people is that we will be more and more strong and intellectual.

8.  As far as I'm concerned, we are supposed to make the acquaintance of different people with different characteristics and in every walk of life, which will bring convenience to our work and life.

9.  To make friends, I think we ourselves must be honest, kind-hearted to leave a good impression on others.

10.  Now, I am doing this thing.

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