1.  Nowadays more and more people are utilitarian in this society.

2.  But, if we don't control the problem that the time we spend with our friends, the chances are that it will lead us in truble with our learning.

3.  Each university full use online education, caused in the study aspect has brought conveniently .

4.  They show no interest in Online Education.

5.  In that way, we will be cold-blooded.

6.  On the one hand, we will have the ability to live with all the living things on earth in harmony.

7.  As a saying goes 'one man is not good enough to live alone in the world'.

8.  That is to say, we need friends in our daily life.

9.  They may have many friends in a variety of fields.

10.  As far as I'm concerned, we are supposed to make the acquaintance of different people with different characteristics and in every walk of life, which will bring convenience to our work and life.

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