1.  A balanced budget meant increasing tax rates and reducing public expenditure.

2.  A battery of field guns had been increasing its activity over the last hour, Reeves reported.

3.  A certain chemical increases the incidence of cancer in some strains, but Decreases it in others.

4.  A cold winter will increase oil consumption.

5.  A course can increase confidence, career prospects or simply be enjoyable - all of which will never be regretted.

6.  A deep pelmet in a room with a low ceiling can have a heavy effect, increasing the problem.

7.  A definition which fails to confront abuse fails to bring about effective interventions and risks increasing the incidence of abuse.

8.  A first step could be to increase regulation, leading to reduction and finally abolition of arms trading.

9.  A high level of customer service also tends to greatly increase distribution costs.

10.  A key way employees will find to increase their value to the company will be through service on these task forces.

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