1.  They were arranged between two parallel sticks and are put one by one to each other so that they will not be able to move.

2.  The most important thing we have to pay attention to is that we should not choose utilitarian persons as our friends.

3.  If not, they will do something bad to us.

4.  For one thing, that is man that creat robot so we will not let us become robots.

5.  I confirm we will not let us become such animals.

6.  On the other hand, we will not have wars, poverty and so on.

7.  As a saying goes 'one man is not good enough to live alone in the world'.

8.  People face the growing pressure for lifelong learning but the traditional education can not provide more opportunities to meet this need, so online education is developed in this phenomenon.

9.  They think online education made it more convenient for student to study for it not limited by time and place.

10.  All we need is not to live up to 100 years old or to cheat others only for profit but to develop our environment in order to make a better world for our offspring.

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