11.  Defensively and offensively, it's not stable.

12.  Defensively, he is not as agile laterally or getting back on transition.

13.  Defensively, the Coyotes have been doing the job for the past month, not including a recent 7-2 drubbing in Dallas.

14.  Defensively, we were just so poor today we really did not have a chance to win.

15.  Defensively, we're not close to being the same.

16.  DeFeo said he is still considering potential alliances, but he is not convinced such a partnership is essential.

17.  Deputy District Attorney David Conn said he was unaware of the motion because it was not shown to the prosecution.

18.  Deputy District Attorney Larry Diamond said the case did not merit felony prosecution.

19.  Deputy Finance Minister Kyosuke Shinozawa said at a press conference today the ministry will not comment on a private company's ratings.

20.  Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Mark Barry stood by his decision not to call Carbajal as a witness, even though he was key to the prosecution's case.

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