31.  Denizens of the Internet chat rooms where the stock has been popular are not so sure.

32.  Denman, who has watched videotape of the incident, thinks Nakatani struck Tillie's Joy on the neck, not in the head or face.

33.  Denmark, Norway and Sweden now allow homosexual partners to register with the state and to claim many (though not all) of the prerogatives of marriage.

34.  Denmark-based International Service Systems A/S said it would not comment on a U.K. press report that it is interested in BET's cleaning business.

35.  Denna Singleton, another member of the coalition, said she was not actively involved in campus politics until the Lawrence episode.

36.  Denne, the Enron spokeswoman, said that she was not aware of any attempts by Dynegy to renegotiate the deal.

37.  Denney, who also said he could not comment on the settlement, was voted out of office last November.

38.  Dennis (like Ms. DeNora, a sociologist) is not a musicologist but a young historian at Loyola University in Chicago.

39.  Dennis Borba, who lays claim to the Velcro concept, is not sentimental about fighting bulls; he considers them lucky.

40.  Dennis cares so much about bringing success that he takes it very hard when McLaren does not win.

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