81.  Denver is not the league's best team because of its defense _ does Denver even have a defense?

82.  Denver quarterback John Elway might not play tonight against Jacksonville.

83.  Denver quarterback John Elway was not reluctant to disclose his opinion about the coaching abilities of both men.

84.  Denver taxpayers are not paying for the airport; it will be financed by fees and taxes collected from airlines and passengers.

85.  Defiance simply is not in my nature.

86.  Defiant young people are not the only ones who find ways around the social code.

87.  Defiantly, I did not take a single restaurant guidebook and made no reservations.

88.  Denver tight end Shannon Sharpe said the Packers team that the Broncos beat last year was not as focused on the game as the Broncos were.

89.  Denver will be hard-pressed not to frame the game in terms of not losing.

90.  Deficits are not new.

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