1.  All this must have raised in the laity ambivalent feelings.

2.  Compelling arguments for fair trade have been raised by influential spokespersons.

3.  Convincing objections have been raised to every theoretical explanation which has so far been provided.

4.  Many herbs can be raised from seed.

5.  Many questions have been raised about acquaintance rape since the surge of reported cases has been noted across the country.

6.  Mullican had been raised in Okiahoma, an area rich with many native cultures.

7.  These young people have been raised in the glare of cease-less media violence and incitement to every depravity of act and spirit.

8.  Tomato plants can be raised from seed in a heated greenhouse.

9.  All the money has been raised by voluntary contribution.

10.  Expectations have been raised with the Government going on about choice and market forces.

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