1.  Cash flow from operations will increase as production from these new fields is brought on stream.

2.  Pressures on carers will increase as Britain faces a population explosion among the most vulnerable elderly people.

3.  The demand for low-income housing is increasing as the economy gets worse.

4.  Social welfare payments were increased, as were benefits for the long-term unemployed, supplementary benefits, child benefit and benefits for those caring full-time for elderly relatives.

5.  Rumours of lawlessness and factional fighting had increased since the government had withdrawn its troops in March and the BRA had made a unilateral declaration of independence in May.

6.  The tendency for current research to make use of multi-disciplinary approaches is increasing, although theses themselves tend to concentrate on smaller units of research.

7.  The pressure to succeed will increase as schools compete on the exam league tables.

8.  The attractions of the European tour will increase as more well-known names in British and European golf come through the pipeline.

9.  Analysts caution prices for home heating oil, which is used widely in the Northeast, could increase as the weather turns colder and shortages develop.

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