1.  Charges for extra time quickly raise the monthly bill.

2.  Corporation tax, by increasing the fixed costs, in effect raises the entry barriers to the industry.

3.  Each of them, however, raises certain basic requirements of a conceptual and empirical kind.

4.  He also raised the problem of noise from planes taking off and landing.

5.  Kendall and Flora also raised sheep and cattle.

6.  Local Management of Schools also raises the problem of how extensively and at what costs a teaching post should be advertised?

7.  Not one of the Marchers even raised an arm to fend off the blows.

8.  Questions about equal access to services and equal rights to treatment also raise important issues about the value of particular interventions.

9.  She then raises her hind legs so that she is crouching with her nose down and her back tilted.

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