1.  What the so-called online education refers to is under the network environment, take the modern education thought and the theory of learning as the instruction, displays the online fully each kind of education function and the rich online educational resources superiority, to receives the pedagogue and the learner provides one kind of online teaches with study the environment, the transmission digitization content, develops must imparts the pedagogical activity take the learner as the center.

2.  Now the majority of works online do, if thought that is unsatisfied may also do repeatedly, like this studies the effect quite to be good .

3.  As society develops, Online Education enjoys great popularity among people of different ages.

4.  Online Education is creation of new education.

5.  At the same time, varieties of other problems are appearing.

6.  All of us should keep pace with the colorful world.

7.  When it comes to the shortcomings, I hold the view that we can make most of it only if we controlled ourselves well.

8.  Nowadays, as is known to us all, the technology of developing robots is becoming more and more mature.

9.  So some people confirm that we will go from man to robot and it means that we may finally be allowed to join the great universal brotherhood of mind that represents the summit of what life has striven for since creation.

10.  I hold the view that the direction of the evolution of people is that we will be more and more strong and intellectual.

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