1.  People's views on how to make friends vary from person to person.

2.  On their view, they can get much more information, if they have more friends.

3.  On the one hand, we will have the ability to live with all the living things on earth in harmony.

4.  To make friends, I think we ourselves must be honest, kind-hearted to leave a good impression on others.

5.  At the same time, we should avoid making bad friends, who will have bad effects on us.

6.  On the other hand, it can help teenagers develop personal qualities and overcome barriers on communication.

7.  Maybe some students will waste more time on play game .

8.  In contrast, expenses on clothing and other take a dive.

9.  Moreover, their spending on food and drink and entertainment hold steady.

10.  According to the changes in the table, we can have the analyses that people are paying more and more attention on living and health.

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