1.  when it comes to the word [event", the first thing that comes into our minds are usually wars, big scientific discovery or something like that while ignoring the things around us which have direct impact on our life, such as the lights in our bedroom, the ball pen on our desk or the zipper which has kept so much things in our life [together".

2.  It also release teachers from repeating the same contents since the video or audio material can be played time and again.

3.  If you want to do some reading or listening comprehension, do it online.

4.  In my opinion, breath in the air or decay in the soil is common phenomenon.

5.  All we need is not to live up to 100 years old or to cheat others only for profit but to develop our environment in order to make a better world for our offspring.

6.  While some people are introverted, who are too cautious to make friends, in result of which they only make friends in one or two field.

7.  Whether they still possess basic characteristics of human beings, such as learning and creating knowledge, feeling warm or cold, controlling themselves and so on or not?

8.  You can have live classes online or you can also have the Internet test your achievements.

9.  With the development of science and technology, more and more people become confused whether it is good or bad to make mass robots.

10.  When we want to find a job or to solve some problems, many friends will give lots of help.

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