1.  By broadening the tax base, he could raise more revenues.

2.  In the south the enforcement of a no-fly zone by western aircraft has raised the possibility of a Shia secession.

3.  For generations the family has raised cattle on the llanos of the American Southwest.

4.  With a falling exchange rate, the authorities may raise interest rates to protect sterling.

5.  At the same time, contracts in the form of a bailment do raise interesting sale versus security issues.

6.  By Anne Harrison TWINS Keith and Brian Simmons are raising their glasses for a special birthday toast.

7.  In doing so, Blanche has raised thousands of pounds for her favourite charity the Red Cross.

8.  Along the eastern flank of the storm, balmy winds from the south will raise readings in the Middle Atlantic and Ohio Valley to their highest levels since November.

9.  Along with their children, they would raise an endangered species of sheep called Cotswold.

10.  Among a large field of Republicans, Texas Gov. George W. Bush has raised more money than all his GOP rivals combined.

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