1.  Among other things, this raises the income limits for deducting contributions by a taxpayer with a pension plan.

2.  As an example, Graff raises the relation of a feminist literary canon to more familiar ones.

3.  As one, they raised their eyes to the ceiling.

4.  As with any form of power carving, safety raises its cautious head, especially when using the silver burrs.

5.  Beyond the question of weight loss, olestra raises some messy health issues.

6.  Like two poker players, each raises its level of hormonal bidding, until one of them feels outbid, and folds.

7.  With the help of her midwifery manager, she raised funds from the hospital to print and collate the material.

8.  With a sigh Zen raised the receiver again.

9.  After a five-minute standing ovation, Rune, who appears to have been asleep throughout, raises a hand to still the multitude.

10.  In response the Visigoths raised the Gallic aristocrat Avitus to the imperial office.

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