1.  Although the constitution was passed unanimously, fears were raised that it would infringe the rights of the Russian minority in Turkmenistan.

2.  Well colleagues, there are couple of points that were raised that I think need a response.

3.  The CBI also expressed satisfaction that the Chancellor had taken its advice not to raise business taxes this year.

4.  An issue is raised that evokes a racial stereotype, although the candidate makes no reference to race.

5.  And questions will be raised that Giuliani may have a tough time answering.

6.  Angle said he knew he was attacking more consistently than Jadidi, but he was not certain until his arm was raised that the officials would agree.

7.  At the fund-raiser, held at the Sheraton Carlton Hotel in Washington, more than half of the money raised that night came from just one person, Gandhi.

8.  Atlanta organizers say enough money has already been raised that any revenue shortfall over the nine months remaining before opening ceremonies would not jeopardize any fundamental Olympic activities.

9.  But even the suits raising that charge differ in the length of time they claim Microsoft is guilty of overcharging.

10.  But the hull was so intact when the Irving Whale finally was raised that Dancer said the barge was essentially seaworthy.

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