1.  And a new, and very serious question, has been raised concerning patient confidentiality.

2.  But this is where important questions are raised concerning the police in society.

3.  The problems that his paradoxes raise concerning the mathematical structure of space and time are still being discussed today.

4.  A reality TV show that seems to have raised backstabbing to an art form.

5.  As a result, another DC was raised describing those modifications.

6.  The advent of live links raises interesting questions about which is the master copy.

7.  Already, the Senate has approved a budget blueprint that raises spending almost twice as fast.

8.  And the authority may also face legal hurdles in trying to raise landing fees above costs, according to one congressional staff member.

9.  Argentina plans to reduce its budget deficit by one quarter next year even though it will raise spending on education and welfare.

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