1.  But now Leeds skipper Lucas Radebe has raised what he believes to be an equally pertinent poser.

2.  The question has been raised whether these changes result in restoration of the duodenal mucosa and disappearance of gastric epithelium from the duodenal bulb.

3.  The alarm was raised when he failed to return home after a pottery class.

4.  The alarm was raised when she failed to turn up for a meeting with students.

5.  Mr Beggs said a number of Southern politicians support his demands for an inquiry and he hoped the issue would be raised when the Dail resumes again in October.

6.  The alert had been raised when a social worker at the home discovered blue pellets in toast made by one of the boys.

7.  The alarm was raised when the party failed to complete the trip between Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

8.  Sometimes an objection is raised which is so general as to be difficult to counter.

9.  The alarm was raised when the train stopped half in and half out of the station, and its driver radioed to say there was fighting on board.

10.  And he did not raise what has been his frequent call to restrict late-term abortions.

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