1.  A connection was made to the stand pipe each time the portcullis end gates were raised.

2.  A considerable proportion of parenting is in the mundane details that women are raised to manage.

3.  A curate rode towards them on a bicycle and raised his flat hat as he passed the column of men.

4.  A customer who wanted to raise more than ten pounds had first to agree terms and interest with the pawnshop-owner.

5.  A few astronomers have raised doubts about this extrapolation from ordinary galaxies to all extragalactic objects.

6.  A first step is to try to raise our own awareness of the issues involved in multicultural education generally.

7.  A flushed and jolly character raises his glass among friends and family - how real, how reliable is that evidence?

8.  A good manager raises expectations among employees.

9.  A group of senior Spencer Stuart consultants raised with him the possibility of a sale to the consulting staff instead.

10.  A huge amount is raised for charity by the festival.

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