1.  Nowadays more and more people are utilitarian in this society.

2.  Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that making many friends is a geart thing, but we shuold choose someone kind as our friends.

3.  Now the majority of works online do, if thought that is unsatisfied may also do repeatedly, like this studies the effect quite to be good .

4.  People face the growing pressure for lifelong learning but the traditional education can not provide more opportunities to meet this need, so online education is developed in this phenomenon.

5.  Now, I am doing this thing.

6.  You may be confused why do this phenomenon appear.

7.  Living in 21st century, we adapt to this informational time.

8.  For these people, the friendship is strong, which makes it easy for us to maintain the friendship without much contact.

9.  The people in this type are usually very talkative.

10.  These people will divide their friends by intimacy.

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