1.  What's more, there is no doubt that they will waste much time to deal with so many friends.

2.  They think they will be more sincere with few friends.

3.  But, if we don't control the problem that the time we spend with our friends, the chances are that it will lead us in truble with our learning.

4.  Maybe, we will be like them some day, if we stay with them for a long time.

5.  What the so-called online education refers to is under the network environment, take the modern education thought and the theory of learning as the instruction, displays the online fully each kind of education function and the rich online educational resources superiority, to receives the pedagogue and the learner provides one kind of online teaches with study the environment, the transmission digitization content, develops must imparts the pedagogical activity take the learner as the center.

6.  All of us should keep pace with the colorful world.

7.  On the one hand, we will have the ability to live with all the living things on earth in harmony.

8.  As far as I'm concerned, we are supposed to make the acquaintance of different people with different characteristics and in every walk of life, which will bring convenience to our work and life.

9.  But we need have several true friends, with whom we can share our happiness and sorrow.

10.  They are prepared to provide us with no paid help at any time.

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