1.  If you want to do some reading or listening comprehension, do it online.

2.  You may be confused why do this phenomenon appear.

3.  Please make full use of online education and ordinary education, and you will achieve the most.

4.  But, if we really talk with them, you can find how interesting their life is , saying'wow, how colorful is our life'.

5.  At the same time, you want to know more about them.

6.  Also, you can also get some tips from them.

7.  For example, where can you buy the mummiest food.

8.  You and your friends both want to be loved, supported and trusted.

9.  When they are trapped in some troublesome problems, you ought to offer your helpful hand and then solid friendship is being built up.

10.  In a word, we should pay more attention to these points and I wish all of you to make good friends.

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