consider taking 21.07   Consider taking yoga classes.
  consider buying 17.97   Both are considering buying.
  consider selling 16.98   It had considered selling KRON as well.
  consider making 16.46   He never considered making a career in music.
  consider moving 15.54   Did he consider moving in?
  consider leaving 13.96   He never considered leaving.
  consider using 13.23   Consider using mirror frames.
  consider running 12.18   Others also are considering running.
  consider sending 11.13   Canada is considering sending troops.
  consider giving 10.47   Some considered giving up.
  consider going 8.56   I never considered going there.
  consider allowing 8.49   Billy Payne, how could you even consider allowing this?
  consider changing 8.49   Once again I consider changing my name.
  consider filing 8.16   The agency is considering filing an appeal.
  consider adding 7.97   He is considering adding a second cart.
  consider asking 7.64   He considered asking to play.
  consider joining 7.57   Consider joining a club.
  consider doing 7.37   Georgia Tech is considering doing so.
  consider having 6.65   Consider having a non-approved list.
  consider raising 6.45   Gehe said it is considering raising its offer.
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