consider time 0.92   Consider the times?
  consider vote 0.92   He was still considering a vote for Ralph Nader.
  consider age 0.86   But it did consider age.
  consider attack 0.86   A bazooka attack was considered, ANSA said.
  consider bans 0.86   Cheney has said he would now consider the bans.
  consider budget 0.86   The Senate meanwhile began considering the budget.
  consider choice 0.86   Edith Atkins is still considering her choice.
  consider cooperation 0.86   Trajkovski also said Thursday he considered military cooperation with Ukraine likely to continue.
  consider country 0.86   Mankahlana declined to elaborate or disclose which country was being considered.
  consider difficulty 0.86   Consider the difficulties of carrying provisions from the market.
  consider divorce 0.86   I laugh, too, but consider divorce.
  consider effort 0.86   Other states are considering similar efforts.
  consider election 0.86   Mugabe has refused to consider new elections.
  consider finding 0.86   The agency is considering the finding.
  consider invitation 0.86   He said China was considering the invitation.
  consider man 0.86   To consider the legacy, we must first consider the man.
  consider merit 0.86   Then consider the merit of her effort.
  consider quality 0.86   Consider the quality of teaching.
  consider requirement 0.86   She must consider dietary requirements.
  consider scenario 0.86   Consider the scenario.
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