consider idea 7.31   He pauses, considering the idea.
  consider number 6.85   Consider the numbers.
  consider matter 6.65   Consider the matter of casting.
  consider way 6.65   Consider the way Grove gets his news.
  consider application 6.32   The OCC is currently considering the application.
  consider run 5.99   He is considering a run next year for governor.
  consider bid 5.60   Miller executives said they too are considering a bid.
  consider factor 5.40   Now consider three factors.
  consider career 4.87   A whole career must be considered.
  consider race 4.81   Others are considering the race.
  consider evidence 4.74   Consider the evidence.
  consider law 4.41   Then consider a law.
  consider future 4.28   He considers the future.
  consider recommendation 4.15   The Parks Board will consider the recommendations in November.
  consider sale 4.02   He said last month the company is considering a sale.
  consider demand 3.95   Consider the demand for software designers.
  consider ban 3.88   Canada is considering a ban.
  consider response 3.88   I consider my response.
  consider site 3.88   Consider this site.
  consider merger 3.69   Sumitomo said it might consider a merger.
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