consider candidate 3.62   Cusack considers the candidates.
  consider lawsuit 3.62   Consider lawsuits.
  consider verdict 3.62   Jury has retired to consider verdicts.
  consider cut 3.55   Some are considering further cuts.
  consider resolution 3.49   We would also consider the resolution.
  consider use 3.42   He urged officials to consider alternative uses.
  consider amendment 3.36   More amendments will be considered on Friday.
  consider circumstance 3.36   Come on, consider the circumstances.
  consider position 3.36   Consider the position of Janice Wilson.
  consider fact 3.29   Consider the facts.
  consider step 3.29   The Islamic Republic should consider parallel steps.
  consider suicide 3.29   She considered suicide.
  consider consequence 3.23   Considered the consequences.
  consider effect 3.23   Consider the effect on resale value.
  consider impact 3.23   Good judges consider the impact of their actions.
  consider cost 3.03   But consider the costs.
  consider reform 2.90   At first he and KANU refused to consider reforms.
  consider report 2.90   All parties will now consider the report.
  consider implication 2.76   Have you considered the implications of your choice?
  consider motion 2.70   But the court failed to consider his motion.
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