consider investment 2.63   Elf is considering possible investments in Algeria.
  consider nomination 2.57   And every nomination is considered.
  consider aid 2.50   Donors meet to consider Palestinian aid.
  consider source 2.50   Consider the source.
  consider challenge 2.37   Consider his challenge.
  consider claim 2.37   The court will consider their claims next month.
  consider plight 2.37   Consider its plight.
  consider deal 2.30   The deal is being considered in Moscow.
  consider variety 2.24   Consider resistant varieties.
  consider acquisition 2.11   Burnell says other acquisitions are being considered.
  consider project 2.11   Second, consider a project that uses a particular material.
  consider situation 2.04   Consider the situation.
  consider argument 1.97   Consider my arguments.
  consider expansion 1.97   In fact, Congress may consider expansion.
  consider strategy 1.97   Consider supply-side strategies first.
  consider suggestion 1.97   Consider my suggestion.
  consider complaint 1.91   It is considering two complaints.
  consider job 1.91   Now consider your job.
  consider purchase 1.91   For those of you considering a purchase, this is your best bet.
  consider range 1.91   Consider the range of age and type among actors who have performed this play.
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