consider return 1.91   She is considering a return to college in another year or two.
  consider surgery 1.91   Surgery was considered.
  consider company 1.84   Consider two companies.
  consider need 1.84   You must consider the needs of others.
  consider problem 1.84   Consider these problems in turn.
  consider prospect 1.84   All the while, he will consider his prospects.
  consider rule 1.84   Lawmakers still are considering tougher rules.
  consider trip 1.78   Fujimori considering trip to Japan.
  consider independence 1.71   It refuses to consider independence for Kashmir.
  consider kind 1.71   Nudity is everywhere, of course, and just consider the kind of nudity!
  consider restriction 1.71   Other cities are considering such restrictions.
  consider view 1.71   Consider the view of Bob Curran.
  consider visit 1.71   But do consider a visit.
  consider compromise 1.65   In the course of that review, the FTC considered two compromises.
  consider size 1.65   For openers, consider size.
  consider agreement 1.58   The companies said they are considering an agreement for Norway.
  consider increase 1.58   The United States would want increases considered, he said.
  consider one 1.58   Consider this one.
  consider regulation 1.58   Five other states are considering similar regulations.
  consider role 1.58   Meanwhile, she is considering roles in studio movies as well.
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