consider work 1.58   Consider the work of Charlie DeLeo.
  consider policy 1.51   Now consider the policies of the two men.
  consider story 1.51   Consider the story of Johnboy.
  consider talk 1.51   It ought to consider such talks now.
  consider approach 1.45   Congress is considering several approaches.
  consider dispute 1.45   Consider a dispute over a dam project.
  consider drug 1.45   The FDA does not comment on its schedule for considering drugs.
  consider example 1.45   Consider two examples.
  consider part 1.45   Consider that part of the edgy hard-sell.
  consider suspect 1.45   Consider six suspects.
  consider alliance 1.38   A strategic alliance has been considered as an option.
  consider boycott 1.38   Yasuda said her group was considering a boycott.
  consider history 1.38   Consider its history.
  consider program 1.38   The germ warfare program was hardly considered.
  consider risk 1.38   Before voting Nader, consider the risk.
  consider adoption 1.32   Did she ever consider adoption?
  consider compensation 1.32   First, consider the compensation at your last job.
  consider condition 1.32   But we should consider the condition of each company.
  consider location 1.32   All the more so considering the location.
  consider performance 1.32   Consider performance.
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