consider result 1.32   Consider the results.
  consider settlement 1.32   The White House also is considering the settlement.
  consider switch 1.32   Consider switches.
  consider tax 1.32   Or consider taxes.
  consider thing 1.32   Some guys consider those things.
  consider allegation 1.25   Court considers fraud allegations against Netanyahu.
  consider amnesty 1.25   The Duma is expected to consider the amnesty again in November.
  consider decision 1.25   The princess said she was considering her decision.
  consider experience 1.25   Consider the experience of Janine Berardi.
  consider form 1.25   --Consider other forms of self-indulgence.
  consider reduction 1.25   The unions might also consider a reduction in some starting salaries.
  consider strike 1.25   Labor unions are considering another strike.
  consider abortion 1.18   Consider abortion.
  consider amount 1.18   Considering the amount she paid, he was dear in more ways than one!
  consider comment 1.18   Consider his comments today on his top two backs.
  consider interest 1.18   And Hoechst is under no obligation to consider other interests.
  consider life 1.18   But considering your life, little wonder.
  consider opportunity 1.18   But consider the opportunity that now exists.
  consider package 1.18   Congress considers education package.
  consider penalty 1.18   The government is considering tougher penalties.
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