consider school 1.18   Have you considered law school?
  consider series 1.18   The Ex Comm considered a series of options.
  consider type 1.18   But consider two types of empowerment.
  consider competition 1.12   But consider his competition.
  consider information 1.12   I had considered the information I shared with him to be the latest in psychiatry.
  consider layoff 1.12   Are you considering layoffs?
  consider release 1.12   Cuba considering prisoner releases after pope request.
  consider resignation 1.12   He added he had not considered resignation at any point.
  consider state 1.12   Investors should also consider the state of the markets.
  consider version 1.12   The Senate is about to consider two versions.
  consider area 1.05   The United Nations considers the area Syrian.
  consider arrangement 1.05   Neither woman considered the arrangement as employment.
  consider aspect 1.05   It is not silly to suggest that we should consider those aspects.
  consider contract 1.05   The company would not disclose which contracts it was considering.
  consider fund 1.05   What funds should I consider?
  consider petition 1.05   The agency is considering the petition.
  consider player 1.05   Are they considering replacement players for next year?
  consider point 1.05   But consider his point.
  consider price 1.05   Consider price.
  consider security 1.05   Consider credit card security.
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