consider standard 1.05   Finance ministers consider standards for cutting terrorist funding.
  consider system 1.05   Several states are considering voucher systems.
  consider trade 1.05   Or consider trade.
  consider word 1.05   For both, the words must be considered.
  consider benefit 0.99   Consider the benefits first.
  consider fate 0.99   Consider the fate of our publisher.
  consider lack 0.99   Consider the lack of playing fields.
  consider limit 0.99   Netanyahu considers limits on Supreme Court.
  consider marriage 0.99   Consider his marriage to Time Warner.
  consider objection 0.99   Clinton promised to consider Russian objections.
  consider relationship 0.99   He considered the relationship between Darwin and Freud.
  consider resumption 0.99   Now the House of Representatives is considering the resumption of leverage.
  consider transfer 0.99   They are considering a transfer to a Hallmark facility if both are offered jobs.
  consider value 0.99   Consider his value among his peers.
  consider appointment 0.92   The board also will consider the appointment of Howard Miller as chief operating officer.
  consider ballot 0.92   The board said it is considering such ballots as overvotes.
  consider development 0.92   Consider some developments on a few different fronts.
  consider impeachment 0.92   Clinton is in trouble back home with a Congress considering his impeachment.
  consider method 0.92   Hawkins said other eradication methods will be considered.
  consider spinoff 0.92   Eventually, Quaker might consider a spinoff, he said.
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