resolve crisis 30.15   That has largely resolved the crisis.
  end crisis 25.48   We must act soon to end this crisis.
  discuss crisis 18.30   Leaders of Peru and Japan discuss crisis.
  defuse crisis 17.51   Diplomacy defused that crisis.
  solve crisis 12.38   Did I solve the crisis?
  face crisis 9.08   Now he will face more crises.
  handle crisis 7.83   She handled the crisis with facility.
  ease crisis 6.98   By selling Jenas, the club should ease its crisis.
  cause crisis 5.13   But who caused the crisis?
  create crisis 4.94   The status quo has created a crisis.
  avert crisis 4.54   A crisis had been averted.
  prevent crisis 4.21   Discussion has prevented crises from happening here, she said.
  overcome crisis 3.82   We have overcome crises like these in the past.
  settle crisis 3.69   He indicated the crisis should be settled by dialogue.
  trigger crisis 3.69   This is what triggered the crisis.
  survive crisis 3.62   Can he survive this crisis?
  have crisis 3.42   Do we have a crisis?
  address crisis 3.16   Miners halt trains in Siberia, Yeltsin to address crisis.
  spark crisis 3.09   Levy resigns, sparking crisis for Netanyahu.
  contain crisis 2.70   Analysts believe Asian crisis can be contained.
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