crisis be 60.11   And there is a crisis.
  crisis begin 17.51   The crisis begins.
  crisis have 8.10   The crisis has deep roots.
  crisis erupt 7.83   A crisis could erupt in another part of the world.
  crisis hit 7.50   The crisis has hit Iraq hard.
  crisis end 7.37   The crisis ended.
  crisis come 7.04   Then came the crisis.
  crisis force 6.71   The crisis has forced a reappraisal.
  crisis lead 6.39   The crisis has led to many recriminations.
  crisis affect 5.07   The crisis has also affected the Singapore dollar.
  crisis deepen 4.87   Mad cow crisis deepens.
  crisis continue 3.88   So the crisis continues.
  crisis make 3.75   Does this crisis make any sense?
  crisis take 3.62   First crisis takes Netanyahu by surprise.
  crisis spread 3.55   The crisis spread alarmingly.
  crisis loom 3.49   New crisis looms.
  crisis pass 3.42   The crisis passed.
  crisis cause 3.36   The crisis has caused oil prices to skyrocket.
  crisis bring 3.16   A crisis brought him to this point.
  crisis hurt 3.03   But the peso crisis has hurt his plans.
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