fishing crisis 0.33   This marks the second time that the severity of the fishing crisis has overtaken regulators.
  full-scale crisis 0.33   Within days, Coke had a full-scale crisis on its hands.
  governmental crisis 0.33   Which sets off a governmental crisis.
  gravest crisis 0.33   Angola currently faces its gravest economic crisis ever.
  hijacking crisis 0.33   But at a stopover in London, he decided to return to Israel to deal with the hijacking crisis.
  legal crisis 0.33   As Mrs. Willey faced growing financial pressure last year, a legal crisis loomed.
  lending crisis 0.33   But Vladimir Vinogradov said the interbank lending crisis in Russia has begun to subside.
  month-long crisis 0.33   Serbian authorities also indicated they might consider rerunning the vote in a bid to defuse a month-long crisis.
  pending crisis 0.33   There is no pending economic crisis.
  racial crisis 0.33   The problem will never go away by quickly reburying it every time a racial crisis erupts.
  recurrent crisis 0.33   Still, it will continue to be a region of recurrent crises for a long time.
  special crisis 0.33   A special cabinet crisis team, headed by Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto has also been set up.
  spiraling crisis 0.33   That has led to concerns of a spiraling economic crisis at the end of the year.
  successive crisis 0.33   That sequence was characterized as successive crises in a tonal order.
  weeklong crisis 0.33   Dozens of people were killed or wounded in the weeklong crisis.
  wider crisis 0.33   That possibility does not automatically become a wider crisis of legitimacy.
  widespread crisis 0.33   Fears of a widespread financial crisis have subsided, however.
  actual crisis 0.26   The participants were to react as if an actual crisis were unfolding.
  artificial crisis 0.26   The owners are creating artificial crisis and applying artificial brakes.
  budgetary crisis 0.26   The budgetary crisis, however, is not over.
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