coffee crisis 0.26   With the current coffee crisis, the difference is dramatic.
  common crisis 0.26   To hear Nancy Lopez tell it, her rebirth on the golf course was merely the result of a common mid-life crisis.
  corporate crisis 0.26   Dealing with a corporate crisis is one of the toughest challenges in advertising.
  crushing crisis 0.26   The proposal comes as the region tries to deal with a crushing financial crisis.
  cultural crisis 0.26   But what if it symbolizes, instead, a cultural crisis?
  deepest crisis 0.26   Jaroungpon said no new corporate bonds were issued that year as the country plunged into its deepest economic crisis in decades.
  disastrous crisis 0.26   For Argentina, an already disastrous economic crisis is suddenly threatening to become even more calamitous.
  enormous crisis 0.26   But they amount to nothing more than debating points in the middle of an enormous crisis.
  ethnic crisis 0.26   In its resolution, the Security Council demanded that Belgrade take a number of steps to defuse the ethnic crisis.
  financing crisis 0.26   The public financing crisis is also forcing the state to cut back on basic services.
  greater crisis 0.26   The current situation arguably amounts to a greater crisis.
  inevitable crisis 0.26   Smith used to ask Guthridge when the inevitable crisis of a season developed.
  irish crisis 0.26   Nevertheless, he has said he is confident the Northern Ireland peace process could withstand the Irish political crisis.
  kurdish crisis 0.26   He said exile in Germany should not again be seen as an interim solution for refugees from the Kurdish crisis.
  lengthy crisis 0.26   Another beneficiary of the lengthy crisis is newspaper vendor Filip Maksimovic.
  likely crisis 0.26   He also pointed to a likely humanitarian crisis as winter approaches because many homes in Serbian cities are without heating.
  long-term crisis 0.26   Several international AIDS activists said Africa must soon deal with the long-term crisis that all know will follow.
  nigerian crisis 0.26   They met in an emergency session Saturday to discuss the Nigerian crisis.
  on-going crisis 0.26   Although the issue of British beef is not officially on the agenda, ministers are likely to discuss the on-going crisis.
  original crisis 0.26   The money, which sparked off the original crisis, should originally have been reimbursed in January and March.
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