severe crisis 7.44   That generated a severe political crisis.
  russian crisis 6.65   Russian economic crisis -- what crisis?
  present crisis 6.58   This may amply apply to the present crisis.
  iraqi crisis 6.19   They discussed the latest Iraqi crisis.
  ongoing crisis 5.92   The ongoing crisis also pushed up world oil prices.
  bosnian crisis 5.66   But that was during the Bosnian crisis.
  growing crisis 5.46   Even now, there is a growing crisis for food supplies.
  serious crisis 5.27   Iraq was a crisis too serious to ignore.
  similar crisis 5.07   A century ago, America faced a similar crisis.
  worst crisis 4.94   U.N. refugee chief calls Zaire worst crisis.
  personal crisis 4.28   And there are some personal crises.
  worsening crisis 4.08   The worsening crisis has prompted a new position.
  future crisis 4.02   Future crises appear to be preprogrammed.
  continuing crisis 3.69   Others point to the continuing banking crisis in Japan.
  immediate crisis 3.36   That is the immediate crisis.
  looming crisis 3.36   Bandid felt the heat of the looming crisis.
  nuclear crisis 3.36   The wularly in time of nuclear crisis.
  potential crisis 3.36   A potential crisis became an incompletion.
  deep crisis 3.29   Light industry remains in deep crisis.
  escalating crisis 3.23   Nerves are frayed after months of escalating crisis.
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