domestic crisis 2.96   Domestic crises.
  first crisis 2.96   That was when the first crisis struck.
  prolonged crisis 2.90   Yes, U.S. interests would suffer from a prolonged crisis with China.
  balkan crisis 2.83   EU finance ministers see economy bouncing back despite Balkan crisis.
  diplomatic crisis 2.83   That led to a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.
  family crisis 2.57   Her death precipitated a family crisis.
  biggest crisis 2.44   Their biggest crisis appears behind them.
  such crisis 2.44   Such a crisis never arose.
  mounting crisis 2.24   The resumption of talks eased what was seen a mounting crisis.
  unprecedented crisis 2.24   The UN is in the midst of an unprecedented financial crisis.
  argentine crisis 2.11   Developing nations spared effects of Argentine crisis.
  next crisis 2.11   Will Bordeaux survive the next crisis?
  internal crisis 1.97   No one knows how the internal crisis will play out.
  medical crisis 1.97   Emotionally, acute medical crisis is the easy part of his job.
  military crisis 1.97   But he said he did not think there was a military crisis.
  full-blown crisis 1.91   A full-blown crisis is different.
  yugoslav crisis 1.91   Vargas and Keleti also discussed the Yugoslav crisis, they said.
  last crisis 1.84   Remember the last Iraq crisis?
  moral crisis 1.84   A moral crisis.
  past crisis 1.84   So is the worst of the anthrax crisis past?
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